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It's official: it's all over now! It's been a very long year preparing for this year's Eurovision and there's been a lot of fun and games. We have our winner, our nil pointers and all the awards but the all important Barbara Dex Award (I voted Moldova fyi), all that's needed now is my review of the show! Exciting, right?

The hi-lights:


There was a lot of anticipation for those three boys, and they certainly lived up to expectations. Il Volo sung with flawless vocals, wearing stunning suits and charming literally everyone. They ended the show so well, and I was honestly surprised they didn't win, or come second. That being said, the Il Volo boys should be very proud of their bronze medal, Italy's first bronze since 1987 actually.


Nadav Guedj proved to us exactly why he is the golden boy with his Herreys-style golden shoes and golden vocals. He sung amazingly in the semi and didn't disappoint us at all! I'm still surprised he's only six months older than me! He looks so mature and his vocals are so pristine. I swear, if all sixteen-year-olds sung like that then San Marino's song would have been stunning. It wasn't a ballad, and it was great!
Nadav by Jedi-Solo
All this fun, but he still hasn't shown me Tel Aviv!


I was so proud of my boy, he nailed the performance! I was willing on the voters to give him any points, just because I wanted to see him smile again. The choreography was perfect, the vocals were great and Loïc made me so proud. 4th place is great! Good job, son!
Precious Cinnamon Roll by Jedi-Solo
Actual picture of Loïc Nottet after Eurovision.


EUROPE, WHY DIDN'T YOU VOTE FOR THEM??? Oh Noes! The performance was everything I could have asked for, the message warmed my heart and the staging was very good. I swear, if they kept the circular piano from last year and just threw that onto the stage, they would've gotten a top ten placing.
Ultimate Romania Tbh by Jedi-Solo
See? It looks 10x better now...


Again, EUROPE, WHY DIDN'T YOU VOTE FOR THEM??? Oh Noes! Honestly, John was amazing. I knew that such a sweet song would be forgotten in the mix, but I'm just glad he was there to sing to us.


Certainly did not deserve nil points! Ann Sophie gave a stunning performance and she looked great the whole time! I loved everything about it, so I'm mad no one else did.

And of course, there were a lot more entries that dazzled me, but I can't review them all.

The slightly less good bits:


Mørland sang fine. Debrah Scarlett, not so much. I've never liked her voice honestly. She just sounded strange, you know? Almost like she was lost in her own performance. Not as lost as Carl Espen looked last year, mind, but she looked pretty lost. Take that Carl Espen! You see, the song is catchy, I have no problem with the song itself.When Miss Smug, as I called her in my countdown, enters the scene it just doesn't work. As for the crop top...


I said before that I didn't like it, and that was before I'd heard the song the full way through. I hate it even more now I have been given the pleasure of hearing it all. I'm all down for Elnur's strange aesthetic (and all the emo Elnur memes on Tumblr), but his voice goes right through me. He sounded awful.
Why Did You Do This by Jedi-Solo
I hate to say it, but he sounded better when he was the angel.


Another one I wasn't fond on that proved my suspicions. The song structure still has me confused, but by far the worst thing was the vocals. Elhaida had promise to be one of the best singers this year, but sounded completely out of tune. What happened? Also the outfit she wore in the final repulsed me.


The whole six-vocal thing sounded like a mess live. Each voice was alright, excluding the men who were a little hard to understand, but combined were not great. The semi was worse, I'll admit that. Loved the squad outfits, though.

What should have qualified?

  • Denmark
  • Belarus
  • Iceland
  • Malta
  • Switzerland

What shouldn't have qualified?

  • Albania
  • Hungary
  • Azerbaijan
  • Norway
  • Armenia

What should've done better?

  • Germany
  • Lithuania
  • Cyprus
  • Romania
  • Spain

What could've done better with polishing?

  • Armenia
  • Greece
  • Iceland
  • FYR Macedonia
  • Poland

The best dressed (female):

  • Polina Gagarina of Russia
Her Dress Tho by Jedi-Solo

The suitist suit:

  • Il Volo of Italy
Il Volo by Jedi-Solo


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