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Yeah, school's starting in just under two weeks and that means I'm finally on my last year of high school. I get my results for my English Lit GCSE tomorrow around this time, which hopefully I've done well on since it is pretty important. I can look forward to taking all my other GCSEs next May, and then I'll have finished high school. Time passes really quickly, right? I remember starting high school perfectly and that was four years ago.

Rome was lovely, as well. I was serenaded by an Italian man who saw I was wearing a Green Day shirt and preceding to sing American Idiot to me. And to think I was joking about wanting to be serenaded by an Italian man not two weeks prior. I've spent most of the holidays actually doing something this years, as opposed to sitting around all the time (which I still did sometimes). Me and two of my friends have been storming my local town, swimming and making fun of weird TV shows for kids on CITV (let me tell you, there was one really badly acted show and it was hilarious).

And while I've been sat on my butt at home, I've watched Eurovision from 2006 for the first time since it was first broadcast and I swear some of the early 2000's fashion was hilarious. And there was a rapper who came on stage on a scooter. I wish I was joking. Sadly, that wasn't the weirdest thing about the song he was in. I had to experience off-key acapella, a woman painted white appearing from inside a grand piano, a ghetto assassin, the Maltese Zac Efron, cowboys, hate romance, ballet shoes with cargo pants, rapping school teachers (dear God why did we send that to a song contest) and an extremely off-key group that I grew up liking when I had no musical taste. I think Lordi deserved that win with that competition... although I liked Ukraine's song best. I guess it's a matter of taste.

Speaking of Eurovision, I'm guessing I can now be classed as a huge fan? I also watched the first semi of 2011 during the summer which was equally interesting. The earliest show I've watched is from 1965. God help me. I've officially watched 24 finals and 9 finals since they were first broadcast. 2011 is my favourite year, since the final is packed with talent. All the good songs came last and the worst one won :( (I really don't like Azerbaijan's song). I have a bad habit with liking songs that come last. Can we talk about the beautiful Tinkara Kovač? I've had her name written on my fridge since the final... I had a sweepstake among my friends and family, and I got a team of three woman I was confident would all do well and who I thought would win (I literally don't have enough friends so everyone ended up having three cards). I had Estonia's Tanja who I was positive would qualify (she didn't), Italy's Emma who's song I used to dislike but then I grew to like her way of performing in the video (she didn't do that live though). Finally, I had the wonderful Sanna Nielsen of Sweden, who I was positive would win. I spent the whole final texting my friend who had the amazing Conchita Wurst talking about how she could do pretty well but I thought Sanna would win. I was wrong. Congrats to both of them, though. Didn't expect the Dutch coming second (or even qualifying to be honest), but now I really like that song even if the beginning does sound like Every Breath You Take.

Enough about Eurovision, I like Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney as well now. The iPad version gave me the first two episodes for free so I played them and I needed more. So I knew that NicoB (who did the brilliant Dangan Ronpa Let's Play with all those awesome voices) had played it, so I've spent some time watching that. Dear God, that game is brilliant. I've finished all the original game, just have the DS episode to watch but it's really long apparently and also not really that great as a case. I don't know if I should continue watching. So instead of deciding, I started watching his playthrough of 999 which seems equally good. Back on AA, I really want to dress up as Maya now...

I need to watch more anime... I'm over halfway through Durarara!! and I've literally read all the manga so I don't know why I'm not watching anymore of it. I managed to interest one of my friends into the series simply by showing her needless-violence guy Shizou Heiwajima. She really likes him. I really like Izaya and Shinra. I started watching Noragami as well, four episodes in it looks very good. Yato is also really pretty, can't deny that. I stopped watching Ghost Stories as well, and I should really get back into it because it is hilarious. Free! is looking great at the moment as well (today's episode should be good). Why didn't Nitori qualify for his race? He deserves better things in life :( (I swear, I value him equal to Armin and that's saying something). Speaking of SNK, the manga is ruining me. Every update leaves me stressed and not wanting to wait another month to see if someone is going to die or not! Jean and his hat ruined me. I can't say Jean's an amazing character, but his character development since his first appearance is phenomenal and he could make a nice guy yet.

You'd think after all these animes I'd be tired of the first one I watched, but no. I actually like the Hetalia dub, unlike most of the fans, and the new series is no exception. All my favourite characters are minor and rarely appear, but it's nice for me to see the debut of possibly the cutest possible vampire in fiction (in my opinion, of course). Yeah, I'll shut up before I go into an excited rant about why minor characters are the best.

I have too much to say... Happy late birthday, Mr. John Richard Deacon! :party: And a happy late birthday to Bri and Roger who I'm 98% sure I didn't mention them when it was remotely near their birthdays or wish them one on here.

If you want to see what I'm doing at every hour or every day, what things I find funny or see my fandoms a little, you guys should probably check out my Tumblr. I don't really come on here to socialise as much, not that I do that on Tumblr since I'm too shy to post text posts to my 64 followers (or something like that). But honestly, I come on DevArt to check on all you artists and your work, but I don't really speak to any of you. I know I follow some of you on Tumblr, and you follow me back, but I honestly don't mind if you want to speak to me there. Message me, or send me an ask (although shyness again usually makes me send them privately rather than onto my blog) and I'll talk to you.

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  • Playing: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
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